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Site Promotion & SEO

This is probably one of the most important aspects of having your web site on the internet. What's the point of having a web site if no one knows your there? Many people design their web sites from home and dont get seen as often as the big web sites that offer the same thing. Have you ever done a web search using some of the most popular search engines like google, yahoo. Just to name a few? And you find your self on the thirty eighth page? Dias Computer Services has the solution for this common problem.


Some search engines act differently then others. It's in the method of how they search a site to find results. Google uses words from the page and page titles mainly, and other search engine use Meta tags . Meta what? That's right, Meta tags. These tags are special code hidden from the web surfer that gives special instructions to search engines when they display the results of the requested search.


Meta tags are not the only thing that helps your site get noticed. Getting listed on certain internet directories and joining certain link clubs help get online exposure. There are thousands of different ways of doing this. DCS has come up with a sure fire method of getting sites listed in tops ranks. Every site is different, so DCS customizes this method for your site to get maximum exposure.

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