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Today's web sites offer many interesting things and intuitive content that web surfers cannot help but come back for more. From home improvement to exploring the earth, multimedia has been helping us learn and do more on the internet then ever before.


Dias Computer Services can add multimedia content to your site that works well and blends in to give your visitors the wow effect . What is the wow effect? Its when a web surfer first sees your web site and says, "WOW, that's an awesome site!" its not how much multimedia is used, but how it is used. Dias Computer Services doesn't' believe in overkill. We use the right amount of multimedia to get the best results.

Here is just a taste of what can be added to your site:

If live audio/video broadcasting is what you're interested in:

Dias Computer Services can make custom computer systems to broadcast a live audio or video feed. Whether you're a home DJ looking to get noticed on the net, or a scanner buff who wants to provide an audio cast of the scanner channels you listen to, Dias Computer Services can create everything for you.