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Web Hosting

Your web site will need a space on the world wide web. Dias Computer Services resolves this issue by offering several, economical Hosting Options designed to meet the needs of any web site. By providing hosting services, along with our quality site design, Dias Computer Services customers have a one-stop resource for all their web site needs.


Your Site will be hosted by Dias Computer Services` contracted, fault tolerant, fully redundant, state-of-the-art network data center in New Jersey. Multiple OC3 and T3 lines to GTE, Sprint, UUNet, and New Jersey NAP ensure the fastest and most reliable internet backbone connection for your site. This contracted hosting facility has been consistently selected as one of the top hosting providers in the world by industry benchmarking organizations.

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Gift Cetificates:

If you recieved / purchased a gift certificate for web hosting only, please view THIS article to learn how to redeem it.