Antonio P. Dias

Antonio P. Dias

Owner / Sole Proprietor


Dias Computer Services (DCS) - is a local small business of the New Bedford, Massachusetts area. Dias Computer Services started in September 2001 and has been growing at a steady pace ever since. We service, repair, upgrade, and sell new and used computers of all makes and models. Dias Computer Services takes pride in providing reliable personable service to our clients.

Dias Computer Services also provides many other services to our clients. We offer complete web design and development services as well as affordable web Hosting and domain name registration.

Dias Computer Services believes in helping our clients educate themselves in getting the most from their computer. We believe in educating our clients to do the small tasks and routine maintenance if they feel comfortable doing so. We decided to add an area in our web site just for that purpose. Please view the support area to learn more.

Skill Set:

Computer Hardware/Networking:
Dias Computer Services has been servicing, maintaining, upgrading, and building computer systems since 1996. We are proficient in hardware and networking optimization, configuration, and implementation for home and small businesses.

Web Design and Development:
Proficient in HTML, PHP, Perl, CGI, Javascript, Flash, ASP, ASP.NET, Java, XML and many other web programming languages.

Image and Video Editing/Restoration:
Over five years experience as a photographer. Specializing in nature, portrait, sports, and macro photography. Proficient in adobe photoshop and other professional photo and video editing software.


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